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About Printed in Pittsburgh

Welcome to the home of officially-licensed designs and products for Pittsburgh, PA. 

This site is a collaboration between the City of Pittsburgh and CommonWealth Press, a family-owned, union print shop and design space born from a basement in the south side of Pittsburgh.

This line of licensed merchandise is a flag planted in the ground of one of the hardest-working cities in the US. We hope our creations stand for who Pittsburgh is and what we have accomplished. If you were born here, lived here, or just visited, you know that Pittsburgh isn’t trying to be anyone else - We are the steel backbone that laid the foundation of this country. There's a blue-collar pride that is evident and undeniable. 

The CWP design team has been granted unique access to the City - from the city archives to the city sign shop, to the tunnels under the city, to the roofs of our skyscrapers. We aim to create timeless designs, nods at nostalgia, and some of those things that only us locals could possibly understand. All of this is being done within the city, by hand, with union labor and pride. 

At the heart of our product line is the spirit of hard work and the sense of community that is embedded throughout the City of Pittsburgh. This collaboration is a strong indicator of the supportive community and history of independent businesses that have called Pittsburgh home.

With full access to the city archives, we pulled inspiration from Pittsburgh’s merchant flag. This flag was flown by merchant vessels to signal who they were and what purpose they served. We used this icon as a basis for everything that doing business in Pittsburgh represents - which, to us, is that fiercely independent step forward toward your own vision of how you want to earn your keep, make your own way, and support your community. 

That's what we hope that this flag, this symbol represents - a unique individual in service to their community. 

And in the spirit of growing small businesses, these products will be available at other local shops throughout the city (and hopefully beyond), working together to share our love for Pittsburgh in brick-and-mortar stores with their patrons, whether they’re locals or guests just passing through. 

We also plan to work with and source from other artists, designers, and people of different crafts and trades, We’re actively seeking collaborations. So if you have some ideas, skills, thoughts, or whatever, reach out to us - We are your neighbors. 

We hope you follow along or – even better – play an active part in the planning and concepts that will grow from this creative confluence (see what we did there?!?!?) 

Have a design idea or product inspiration? Share it with us, and let’s see what we can create together!

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